Five years ago I watched with amazement as Sylvia worked with nine stallions at liberty in Cavalia, performing complex patterns and movements all with freedom and joy! Since then I have seen her presentations many times—each one different—each one exciting and unique and each horse showing their personality and individual communication with Sylvia. They are not doing a "routine" or tricks—or "trained" to do it a certain way. It is a true partnership!

An amazing experience!  So it is with great pleasure that we are able to share An Evening with Sylvia Zerbini and Grand Liberte'  with the community. Sylvia will be performing her signature act with 10 stallions as seen in Cavalia as well as additional presentations demonstrating amazing communication and partnering with her horses. Sylvia also enjoys an "up close and personal" time with her audience, sharing her experiences and answering questions.

In addition, Sylvia will be conducting 3- day clinics at Woodside and Santa Rosa, California. Her focus on establishing trust and an unique bond without halter or whip translates into a remarkable partnership for all equestrian disciplines. Participants and auditors have been inspired and amazed at the transformation between horse and handler as Sylvia coaches and demonstrates.